Insights on HSG X-Ray and Fallopian Tube Issues by Dr. Hamid Arshat

What is HSG X Ray for fallopian tube? What is hydrosalpinx fallopian tube and what causes a clogged? Tell us about Minor D&C Surgery and Hydrotubation procedure? Dr Hamid Arshat, our legendary doctor will give us detail information about fertility and how to overcome infertility problems.

HSG X Ray for Fallopian Tube Fertility Problems with Dr Hamid Arshat

HSG X Ray for Fallopian Tube Fertility Problems with Dr Hamid Arshat Summary

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What is HSG X-Ray and Fallopian Tube Problems

Dr Hamid Arshat, a very successful and well -known gynecologist in Malaysia will describe at length about HSG X ray that can increase the chances of getting pregnant and to solve the fertility problems. Please follow the deep explanation given by him on this matter.

The first thing to touch on HSG X ray is about the role of the fallopian tubes in a woman’s fertility. There are 2 fallopian tubes similar to 2 ovaries and one uterus in women. So, the fusion of the male seed and the female egg takes place at the snout (known as the fimbriae of the fallopian tubes).

According to Dr Hamid Arshat, he sees that many women now have problems with the fallopian tubes. Fallopian tube problems are described as follows: –

  • Clogged tube.
  • The tube is constricted.
  • Some are temporarily blocked.

All three of the above make it difficult for the husband’s seed to reach the end of the canal to wait for the egg maturation and subsequently the grafting process will not take place. For couples who have been married for 1 or 2 years who have never had a fertility test or treatment for pregnancy, the earliest step you need to do is do an ultrasound scan, do a husband’s seed test and then open the fallopian tube.

The easiest way to open the canal is to do an HSG X ray test. The HSG X ray test will be performed by an X -ray specialist or radiologist. This test is done immediately after menstruation. This means that the woman must be dry from menstrual blood within 2-3 days before the time of fertility. In conclusion the most suitable days to do the HSG X Ray test are on the 8th day, the 9th day, the 10th day and the 11th day.

According to Dr Hamid Arshat again, when we do this HSG X Ray test, the specialist doctor will inject a medicine that can open the duct and can detect any existing problems such as clogged fallopian tubes, contractions and other problems such as swelling known as hydrosalpinx fallopian tube.

Causes of Clogged / Contracted Fallopian Tubes

Among the causes of clogged or contracted fallopian tubes are as follows: –

  • There are tissues in the menstrual blood or there are placental tissues because they have been pregnant before. Placental tissues may be attached to the fallopian tubes.
  • Women who have had a miscarriage will also have problems such as clogged or contracted fallopian tubes because there are still tissues that may not come out at all during menstruation.
  • Dirty blood during menstruation that does not come out at all.
  • After giving birth.
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Mental and emotional stress can also cause the fallopian tubes to contract and block the husband’s sperm from entering these ducts.

Minor D&C Surgery and Hydrotubation

Minor surgery will be performed to enlarge the cervix, wash the uterus and open it without dissecting the abdomen. This surgery is called D&C and another is known as hydrotubation. Dr Hamid Arshat gave the fact that when there is a blockage in the fallopian tube, the meeting of the female egg with the male sperm cannot take place. So, what is the last effort when after this procedure is not successful to conceive? The procedure is to undergo a test tube baby treatment or more affectionately known as IVF.

Gynecologists' Info:

Last Effort If Not Successful?

Usually, Dr Hamid Arshat will give a year after minor surgery due to blockage of the fallopian tubes, whether successful pregnancy naturally or spontaneously. If a natural or spontaneous pregnancy is not successful, within a year to two years after undergoing fallopian tube repair surgery, Dr Hamid Arshat recommends an IVF treatment.

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FAQ HSG X-Ray Fertility Issues: Answers to Your Common Questions

What is hydrosalpinx fallopian tube?

According to Dr Hamid Arshat, a well -known midwife and gynecologist from Malaysia, hydrosalpinx is a swelling problem that occurs in the fallopian tube. The HSG X Ray test can detect if a woman has a problem with swelling of the fallopian tubes. In most cases, women will become pregnant after 3 to 4 months after doing an HSG X ray test. So, the problem of contractions or blockage in the fallopian tubes can be overcome.

What is Hydrotubation?

According to Dr Hamid Arshat, Hydrotubation is a minor surgical procedure performed by a doctor and a follow -up to open the fallopian tubes. This surgery is usually performed on women who have been pregnant before and find it difficult to conceive afterwards. Another condition is that the woman has had surgery on the fallopian tubes and ducts that have been blocked before.

What is D&C?

D&C, dilation and curettage is a surgical procedure that involves the lower and narrowing of the cervix. According to Dr Hamid Arshat, D&C is a procedure to open the fallopian tubes and increase the chances of getting pregnant for women who do not have other diseases. This means the husband has no fertility problems and the wife has no tumour or cyst problems in the ovaries.

What are the benefits of doing HSG X Ray?

The advantage of doing this HSG X Ray test is that you may become pregnant within 3 to 6 months after doing this test. According to Dr Hamid Arshat, this is the easiest procedure to open the fallopian tubes.

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