IVF Egg Retrieval Tips: Enhancing Conception Success in Your Journey

We are about to give an egg retrieval tip and maybe just freaking out a little bit maybe? Well, I’ve got you covered. This is based on true story from one influencer successfully made IVF treatment consist of 2 egg retrievals, multiple fertility treatments and now 2 babies. I am going to share with you with 5 top tips for what to do for your next IVF egg retrieval and stick around because at the end I have something pretty sure you pay off.

IVF Egg Retrieval Tips

IVF Egg Retrieval Tips Try to Conceive Summary

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Tip 1: Wear Loose Cloth

Our first tips for IVF Egg Retrieval Tips Try To Conceive is Wear Loose Cloth. Don’t wear skinny jeans and don’t dress up all look all nice. You will feel so bloated after the IVF treatment that you cannot barely take off your jeans. We definitely recommend wearing something light and really nice yoga pants that is really comfortable and really easy to get off.

Tip 2: Get Wheat Pack

Our second tips for IVF Egg Retrieval Tips Try to Conceive is Get Wheat Pack. For my first egg retrieval, I had 14 fertilized eggs which was awesome. But I got in quite a pain lot after. When I wake from the anastatic, the nurse told me that they had to go quite a bit of digging in there. Bring hot water bottle but what got me through was my wheat pack. Because I was in quite a bit of pain.

Tip 3: Brief Your Partner

Tips number 3 for IVF Egg Retrieval Tips Try to Conceive is to brief your husband, your partner or your buddy. After my second IVF egg retrieval treatment, I was quite a bit of pain. And my husband basically needs to carry to the hospital into the house and to the bed and waited for me for about 24 hours. Make sure that they know after I was so glad that he decided to take a day off on the day of my egg retrieval IVF treatment.

Tip 4: Be Selfish

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The next tips for IVF Egg Retrieval Tips Try to Conceive is to Be Selfish. On my first egg retrieval, things went pretty smoothly. But I was quite a bit of pain the following day. And I had just powered through going to work on next day even I know I felt could not barely walk.

Lesson from this true story of IVF treatment is that you take a day off from work and take it easy during the treatment. I was not getting out of the bed for anything. And I arranged my mom to come over to do my laundry and all of my house cleanings so that I did not to worry about it for a couple of days.

Tip 5: Stay Positive

The final tips for IVF Egg Retrieval Tips Try to Conceive is to Stay Positive. I know that it is painful, and I know that we all wish to just have sex on day 14th and magically happened but please look on the bright side. This is the step in the right direction and one step closer to the dream of becoming mama. And if it doesn’t work out, at least you have done once before, and the second time will be way less scary.

Here are 5 basic tips for IVF treatment eggs for you to know. Hopefully you benefit from your topic and in turn drive you to be more confident and calmer during the IVF procedure is performed later. Happy motherhood!

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FAQ LOREM: Answers to Your Common Questions

What are the tips before you undergo for IVF egg retrieval procedure?

Wear loose cloth, get wheat pack, brief your partner, be selfish and stay positive are the tips for you before undergo an IVF egg retrieval procedure.

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