Obesity Among Teenagers: Addressing Health Concerns and Detrimental Effects

Obesity among teenagers is often a concern for parents, especially descendants who have chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and lung problems. Let’s get advice from health experts on the problem of obesity in teens.

Obesity Among Teenagers

Obesity Among Teenagers Summary

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Causes of Obesity Among Teenagers

Obesity Among Teenagers Causes Solution

Obesity among teenager is often ridiculed and treated with disgust towards their peers. This is because the physical appearance plays a major role in the association. So, what are the possible causes?

Here are the reasons obesity among teenager occured: –

  • Eating unhealthy food.
  • Eat lots of sweets.
  • Drink lots of carbonated drinks.
  • Not playing sports or doing physical activities.
  • Love junk foods.
  • Likes to eat fast food.
  • Watching television and playing video games.

Eating Unhealthy Food​

Many teenagers who do not control the food, they will eat and unhealthy food. Eating unhealthy food such as eating a lot of chicken skin, eating animal fats etc.

Eat Lots of Sweets

Although sweets are small in size and can be stored in a pants pocket or handbag, eating uncontrolled sweets can cause you to consume excessive sugar and is not good for the body.

Drink a lot of Carbonated Drink

Sugar is abundant in carbonated drink. Avoid drinking carbonated drink especially during the festive season or in the evening as sugar accumulation can occur suddenly in such situations.

Not Active in Sports

Current situations such as frequently playing video games, watching YouTube videos and spending a lot of time inside the house may cause obesity among teenagers. Not doing exercising lowers your metabolism and makes it easier for teenagers to become obese.

Love Junk Foods

Plenty of junk foods can be found at the grocery store or in the school canteen. For obesity among teenager, avoid eating junk food because apart from being bad for the body, it can cause serious obesity problems among teenagers.

Love Fast Food

It is undeniable that fast food has its own deliciousness. But if you don’t eat healthy foods, eating fast food causes weight gain very quickly. High levels of MSG and cooking oil speed up your obesity process.

Watch A Lot of Television and Playing Video Games

Teenagers now prefer to play video games rather than do outdoor sports activities. Many paid digital satellite television programs cause teens not to engage in physical activity. Obesity and laziness easily happen if both of these things happen often. Reduce television viewing time and limit video game play.

How to Lose Weight?

There are many ways to lose weight among teenagers, including: –

• Marching.
• Sports.
• Brisk Walk.
• Jogging or running.
• Cycling.
• Fasting.
• Reduce the quantity of red meat
• Eat less fried and greasy foods.
• Reduce stress


Believe it or not if you’re obese and can’t jog or do high -intensity exercise, marching can reduce obesity. Marching is synonymous with discipline, so having high discipline can reduce the problem of obesity among teenagers.


Do whatever sports like playing tennis, badminton, football to reduce the problem of obesity among teenagers. For your info, swimming is the best exercise to overcome the problem of obesity among teenagers because the whole body are moving when swimming. Swimming is the best activity for teenagers who live in condominiums or apartments that have pool facilities.

Brisk Walk

Apart from high -intensity exercise, you can do brisk walk exercises.

Jogging or Running

Jogging or running is the easiest way to lose weight because by stretching for 5 minutes, you can jog for 30 minutes. Do this activity 3 times per week to lose weight.


Riding a bike can refresh the mind and breathe fresh air. Do cycling activities in the morning for 30 minutes followed by running static in one place to overcome the problem of obesity.


In accordance with the religious order that tells us to fast to avoid doing bad things, fasting can also reduce the calories that enter our body. Perform fasting every Tuesday and Thursday and this helps you a lot to lose weight.

Reducing the Quantity of Red Meat

Cut down on meat -based dishes such as rendang, meat curry or mutton curry. Red meat is an important dish for someone who does high intensity activities. Eating a lot of red meat can cause obesity among teenager because our body will convert to fat when the red meat we eat is not used for physical activity.

Eat Less Fried or Oily Foods

The saturated fat content in cooking oil is not good for the body because it can cause our body to be fat. Practicing eating vegetables, fruits and less oil is the best way to lose weight.

Reduce Stress

Stress among teenagers such as failing exams can lead to obesity because with uncontrolled stress, you will try to forget stress by eating a lot or unhealthy eating habits.

What If You Are Too Fat?

Please consult a nutritionist or dietitian if you suffer from obesity. Seek advice through a school counseling center or at the dietetics department at a nearby hospital. Seek expert advice if you want to do physical activities such as running, playing tennis or doing drills and so on.

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FAQ Obesity Among Teenagers: Answers to Your Common Questions

What is a brisk walk?

Brisk walk is a light intensity exercise that is very effective for weight loss. Do it for 40 minutes every day to gain ideal weight.

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